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Evolve 360: Living Life Full Circle 2018 is a two-and-a-half day retreat held in Miami, Florida. This program focuses on the full body- mind- spirit experience and how to create a life of balance and connectedness. Through deep reflective exercises, emotional exploration, and group coaching, you will have the opportunity to experience personal breakthroughs and create a platform to expand your consciousness. In just one weekend, you will raise your vibration, shift your perspective and assist your personal growth process while becoming a more fulfilled and happier you. This life-changing weekend will be led by women who have been there, done the work and are ready to help you in your transformation process. You will leave refreshed and able to apply knowledge that creates positive life changes you desire.

February 23-25, 2018 | Miami, Florida

During the Evolve 360: Living Life Full Circle

You will explore and experience:

The Spiritual & The Sacred

Connect, and expand your consciousness. Tap into your sacred space and turn on your direct line to your source for your spiritual growth and development of your inner guidance system.

Healing of The Emotions

Identify and heal your emotional blocks, negative patterns and give yourself permission to let go and move forward with confidence. Set healthy boundaries and relationship dynamics.

Attraction & Manifestation

Identify and master your vibrational frequency, while learning how to quickly shift your energy, focus, and thoughts towards alignment of what you desire. Find and heal the source of your scarcity consciousness.

The Balance of Well-Being

Learn how to walk the middle road and maintain your balance of the spiritual and the physical experience. Learn valuable tools, tips, and strategies of how to take care of you FIRST so that you can care for others.  

This weekend is for you if . . . 

Women Having Fun


  • You're ready for a life-changing transformation
  • You're better at giving than receiving
  • Feel bad or guilty when doing anything for yourself
  • Find yourself depleted, exhausted, resentful, or burned out . . . but still cannot say "NO"
  • Have dreams and goals, but are worried you won't be able to create the life you truly want

AND, you don't know where or how to make the change 

Evolve360 Was Created Specifically For You!  

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After this weekend you will have the tools to . . .

  • Feel confident, with the support of beautiful and compassionate women, just like you! Be fully authentic, aligned, and empowered!
  • Attract more abundance into your life!
  • Set clear boundaries, with pure integrity and love!
  • Practice the power of self-care and understand how your well-being improves the lives of those you love!  


Your Life is Waiting. Join Us.  

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Register before Midnight EST on 02/15/18

Register before Midnight EST on 02/15/18 

Ready to Transform

What Our Clients Say


"I found that setting aside dedicated time within a facilitator-led workshop was helpful in not only understanding blocks to my personal and professional fulfillment, but in taking the time to get clear about what I want and need out of my life and relationships. This can be a daunting process to do on your own, but Christmas was extremely helpful and encouraging in guiding me towards “my truths.” The group setting was helpful too because it reinforces that you are not the only one dealing with an issue and you can also learn from other participant’s sharing their challenges and successes." 

- Holly Jones

"This group coaching experience was phenomenal! We received much more content than I anticipated. Chris also recommended additional resources that complement the course very well. The exercises do challenge you, however, taking every step of the process seriously pays great benefits in the end when intentionally managing your thoughts becomes a regular task. I would certainly recommend this class to anyone and would also consider taking it again."  

- Jetaun Davis

"This workshop was truly motivating and inspirational. I really liked the small group setting and exercises, this allowed us to learn from others who are on similar journeys. I also really loved the way that you took the time to answer questions on how we may be sabotaging our progress and the individualized feedback provided to help me unlock my potential. I look am also looking forward to putting what I learned to work and will be excited to attend other workshops and other seminars in the future."  

- Lisa Stigger

"This workshop was nothing below amazing!! It really helped me to open my eyes too bad habits I must change and things I must let go of to focus on myself and achieving my goals really. The workshop was a huge eye opener, and I would recommend it to anyone."  

- Brittany Bates


What happens during the workshop? 

There will be self-exploration, group interaction, deep reflective exercises and fun activities, and camaraderie throughout the workshop. Our workshops are experiential and solely participatory on your part. We encourage you to surrender to this beautiful experience and expect to be embraced by love, respect and support of this group setting.

What if I'm not a religious or spiritually inclined individual, would this retreat be for me? 

Yes! Because we focus on transformation and elevation of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of ourself. This approach is all-inclusive for those from all walks of life and backgrounds. Self-reliance, accountability for one's happiness and well-being is the foundation that compliments the concepts presented in this retreat.

What is the schedule of the retreat workshops?

We begin on Friday evening with registration and reception with hors d'oeuvres at 6 PM EST. The live workshop runs on Saturday from 8 AM EST - 4 PM EST and on Sunday from 8 AM EST - 2:30 PM EST with plenty of downtimes to enjoy beautiful Miami.

What is included in the cost?

The cost includes all workshop materials, Friday's reception, and lunch on Saturday only. You are responsible for your transportation, transfers outside of the hotel shuttle and hotel accommodations.

What airport should I fly into and do you provide transportation to the hotel?

You will fly into Miami International Airport. There is a variety of transportation options for you to take from the airport to the Miami Marriott Dadeland Hotel.

I would like to arrive ahead of time or stay a while after the workshop ends. Can I arrive early or extend my stay at the hotel?

Yes! We got you covered! We have secured this special competitive rate for up to 3 days before and after the workshop begins and ends. Please check with the hotel to make your accommodations if you will be coming in early or staying later.

Meet Your Facilitators 

Christmas Miller
Catherine Davis

Register Now!

Full Payment


Register before Midnight EST on 2/15/18

Register before Midnight EST on 02/15/18 

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